Home Made Cappucino

The feeling of having a warm cappuccino on a rainy day is almost indescribable, the combination of wonderful ingredients such as coffee, chocolate, milk and cinnamon make this delicious drink one of the most appreciated in the world.


400 g – Milk powder;

200 g – Chocolate powder;

100 g – Granular soluble coffee;

1 – Tablespoon cinnamon powder;

1 – Tablespoon baking soda;

Method of preparation:

With a reinforced sieve, sift all ingredients (one at a time) except baking soda and cinnamon. After that, place the sifted ingredients in a glass container with a lid, add the cinnamon and baking soda, close the container and homogenize the entire mixture.

To serve use a measure of whey for each small cup, add boiling water, stir well until the drink is creamy.

Enjoy your food!

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