Crepioca chicken with ricotta cream

This is a common recipe among the fitness public, but it can be consumed by anyone who values ​​a healthy and nutritious diet.


2 eggs;

2 – Tablespoons of manioc gum;

100 g – Shredded chicken;

2 – Tablespoons of green corn;

2 – Tablespoons of ricotta cream;

Method of preparation:

Break the eggs in a bowl, stir well with the help of a fork. Once they are beaten, add the two tablespoons of manioc gum and again homogenize. Add a pinch of salt and pour the mixture into a lightly greased nonstick skillet. Wait to bake one side and using a spatula turn the other side and repeat the same procedure. After that, separate the crepioca in a shallow dish and just add the filling. Spread the ricotta cream on the surface of the dough, add the chicken and the green corn and then just turn the dough in half. Enjoy your food!

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