Codfish patty

A little curiosity costs nothing, the name cod comes from the Latin term baccalaureu. Although this fish is typical of Portuguese cuisine, it hardly exists on the Lusitanian coast, being widely found in the cold waters of Norway, where it is salted and exported to Norway.


500 g – Of salted cod;

150 ml – Milk;

90 g – Of wheat flour;

2 eggs;

Water – Enough to give the point;

1 – Large onion chopped;

1 – Bouquet of chopped coriander;

2 – Lemons (juice);

2 – Spoons of olive oil;

Salt and pepper to taste;

Method of preparation:

Clean the cod, removing the pimples and the skin, and cut it into pieces of about 5 cm. Then place the pieces of sauce in the milk and the lemon juice for 1 hour. In a mixer place the flour, the eggs, the two spoons of olive oil, the salt and the pepper. As soon as it hits, add the water until the dough is in a doughy consistency. Add the cod pieces, coriander and onion in this dough and with the help of a spoon go make some cookies, in a frying pan with the oil preheated put the cookies to fry. Then put the cookies on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

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