Carrot cake with chocolate syrup

Hmmm! How delicious Carrot cake with chocolate syrup! Have not you tried this delicious? If you have not already tried, do not waste any more time, write down that mouth-watering recipe already.

Ingredients for the cake (measured one way):

6 – Medium carrots;

4 eggs;

2 cups of sugar;

1 – Cup of soybean oil;

3 – Cups of wheat flour;

1 – Teaspoon baking powder;

Ingredients for chocolate syrup;

1 – Liter of milk;

1 – 200g chocolate powder can of your choice;

1 – Tablespoon margarine;

How to prepare the cake;

First keep the oven preheated to 180 ┬░, grease a medium shape with margarine and sprinkle with wheat flour, then proceed to prepare the cake dough. In a bowl separate the three cups of wheat flour to later receive the other ingredients. Cut the carrots into slices, put in the blender along with the oil and sugar, beat a little until the carrots are completely crushed. Then add the eggs and beat again. Immediately after pouring the blender mixture into the bowl of wheat flour. Add the baking powder, homogenize all the ingredients and pour the mixture into the baking pan, bake and roast for about 30 minutes.

Method of preparation of the chocolate syrup:

In medium saucepan lightly the milk of the fire (low heat), add the margarine and wait a little boil. Then add the 200g of the cocoa powder and stir well until dissolved. Leave on the fire until it turns a very consistent syrup, with a wooden spoon you can raise a little of the syrup and evaluate the consistency of the syrup. Once you’re on the spot, wait for it to cool slightly and slowly pour the syrup over the cake.

Enjoy your food!

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